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• Through solar power we produce 24 MWh of energy per annum and reduce carbon emissions by 15 thousand kilogrammes.
• Our biological waste treatment plant treats 10 thousand tonnes of wastewater per annum, which is used for the irrigation of green areas.
• During the summer season, all our hot water is generated by solar energy.
• We use pine cones to fuel our underfloor heating system.
• The external walls of our buildings are thermally insulated, and our windows are double-glazed.  
• For hygiene, we use waterless urinals, photocell faucets and built-in photocell reservoirs to conserve 150 tonnes of water per annum per device.
• Our nano technology building materials ensure water conservation and hygiene.
• All our lighting systems use LED technology, and photocell products ensure energy conservation in public areas.
• Our smart card system automatically switches off all lighting and air conditioning when you leave your room.
• All our recycling is sorted and transported to licensed recycling firms.
• All bedding and towels used in your rooms are environmentally friendly, as are our washing detergents.
• Food used in our kitchen is cultivated using controlled agriculture on our farm, and anything we cannot produce ourselves is purchased from environmentally friendly licensed firms.
• We are proud to have been awarded ISO 9001 Quality Management, ISO 14001 Environmental Management, ISO 22000 Food Safety, ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Systems, a Blue Flag and Greening Hotels Certificate.

YOU ...
• Please consume water and electricity as necessary.  Inform us of any leaks.
• Close open windows when leaving your room.
• Assist by using the hotel’s recycling bins for paper, plastic, metal and glass to separate waste.
• Request the changing of sheets and towels only when necessary.
• Short showers consume less water.  Dispose of your waste paper in the bin instead of the toilet.
• During your stay at Ortunç, inquire whether it is possible to walk to your destination, or use public transport.  Or take advantage of our hotel's bicycle rental.
• To further improve our environmental awareness we would appreciate your filling out a questionnaire and giving us your suggestions.